The Surgeon’s Cap Bias

The Surgeon’s Cap Bias: Intelligence, Respect and the Enemy of Feminism By Emily Haque, BSA* Tags: feminism, gender bias, implicit bias, surgery, women in medicine On the first day of my surgical clerkship, I briskly followed my attending, a vascular surgeon, around the pre-op bay while ruminating about whether or not I was too close to him, if I should stand, if I should sit, if I should put my hair up or leave it down, or even if I should ask him a question. As he towered over me, I decided to keep quiet and avoid bothering him at all costs. I didn’t know why I was so intimidated … Continue reading


The Melanoma Epidemic: Reflections on a Creature We Have Made

In the end, we are dependent on the creatures we have made. Goethe By David J. Elpern This is a Preprint. Abstract: I believe that the current melanoma epidemic is mostly an artifact of aggressive promotion by dermatologists, dermatopathologists and oncologists. For decades the death rate from melanoma has stayed constant, while the rate of diagnosis has soared. Promoted screenings, diagnostic drift, and the dermatoscope are causing physicians to pick up indolent lesions that are unlikely to kill. These, in turn, cause unwarranted, anxiety in the public and providers. When the dermatological establishment started the war on melanoma in the 1980s it had no idea where it would lead and … Continue reading


Preprint Opportunities: Dermatology and Medical Humanities

Preprints and Post-Publication Peer Review by David J. Elpern We are creating two Preprint Repositories that will help some authors. and medhumRxiv are free online archives for finished but unpublished manuscripts (preprints) in dermatology and the medical humanities. Preprints are preliminary reports of works that have not been certified by peer review.1 The so-called major dermatology journals are the domain of academic dermatologists, some of who are bedfellows of pharmaceutical companies (PhRMA).   These major American dermatology journals, in particular, are heavily dependent on lucrative PhRMA ads. We envision and medhumRxiv as resources for clinical dermatologists and others who are not vassals of PhRMA or academic medicine to publish … Continue reading

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