Mirror Amputation for Acne Excoriee de Jeunes Filles

Casual Comments by DJ Elpern Abstract: Many young women habitually pick facial lesions which in reality may be rather minor.  These are some informal thoughts on excoriated acne with a suggestion of a simple behavioral technique called “mirror amputation” that may help some of these persons. Keywords: acne, excoriations, acne excorie de jeunes filles, dermatotillomania, mirror amputation, skinorexic Dermatologists see women with excoriated acne regularly.  The typical patient is a young to middle-aged woman with scattered excoriations on the face.  There is a surprisingly scant literature on this common disorder which has also been called acne excoriee de jeunne filles (AEJF), Dermatotillomania, and Skinorexia. A recent post on AEJF on … Continue reading

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