My Narrow Road Through Cyber-Medicine

by David J. Elpern This essay is the basis of a talk delivered at the Jag Bhawan, M.D. Research Symposium held on July 6, 2015 at the Boston University School of Medicine. Abstract: Herein, I chronicle  a 25-year medical odyssey through the universe of personal and professional cyberspace. These explorations continue, but the author does not know the next ports-of-call;  He can only “hope the voyage is a long one,/full of adventure, full of discovery.” Keywords: cybermedicine, blogs, pathography, Cell 2 Soul, MedFlix, Pathography Blog, VGRD Word File:  My-Narrow-Road-Final PDF: The Narrow Road Through Cyber Medicine 7.15 PowerPoint: The Narrow Road – Jag Talk (this may take ~ 20 seconds … Continue reading

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