Music as Complement to Surgery

Dermatologists perform office surgery almost daily. Our awareness of the growing interest in, and literature on, music as an adjunct in the perioperative period led us to survey the use of music during 100 consecutive office procedures in a dermatology practice.  We found that the effects of music were salutary for patients and the investigators.  Music is a simple, inexpensive, safe and effective adjunct to office surgery. We hope that this report will be of help to physicians who wish to provide music to ease patients during office procedures. For full paper:  Music and Surgery Appendix: Music Study Appendix Keywords: music, medicine, surgery, perioperative, playlists, dermatologist, dermatology


Hunting for Bear: A Melanoma Postscript

Hunting for Bear: A Melanoma Postscript by Tim Guetti  Abstract:  A 62 year-old man relates his experiences after being diagnosed with an acrolentiginous melanoma on his foot.   The surgery interferes with his plans to go on a father-son bear hunt.  We hear and read many stories about the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma, but few relate what is important to the patient with the disease. Keywords: hunting, bear, melanoma, foot, acrolentiginous, melanoma, father, son My story begins a few years back when my son Scott, now 39, said to me “Dad, we need to go on a hunt.” It had been many years since we had been on a “hunt” … Continue reading


Hand of Angel

“I Want Too Hold Your Hand” by Corinne Viens. Abstract:  Dermatologists perform many minor surgical procedures on patients who are often anxious and/or needle-phobic.  The simple act of holding a patient’s hand during the injection of local anesthetic has a calming and therapeutic effect.  This essay is the personal experiences of a professional hand holder and her reflections on this service to the patient. Keywords: minor surgery, surgery, anxiety, needle phobia, hand holding, comfort, dermatology In the dermatology office where I have worked for nearly twenty years, I often hold the hands of patients while the doctor administers the local anesthesia prior to their procedures or, if they are exceptionally … Continue reading

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