“My Lip Saga: The Path From Panic to Peace”

Hot Spots in Dermamtology Kahuku Maui August 19, 2018 Presented by Lindsay Kamm ( Email ) My saga of suffering with cheilitis begins and ends with the delightful duty of playing with my grandsons in the pool and at the beach. During a ten-month period from June 2017 to April 2018, I saw eight health care providers at five locations. I had six prescriptions and tried countless over the counter remedies. At times, I felt desperate, disheartened, disappointed and full of fear. Thanks to modern medicine and the wonders of patch testing, I learned what I am not allergic to. Thanks to caring doctors, their expertise, and the courtesies they … Continue reading

Radiotherapy Update 2018

Presented by Dr. Michael Webster Melbourne, Australia Hot Spots in Dermatology August 17, 2018 What’s new? VMAT for treating large areas (whole arm,leg) for actinic keratoses/NMSC A treatment for Disseminated Actinic Porokeratosis ? VMAT Volumetric modulated arc therapy (Elektra) Delivers the radiotherapy treatment using a rotational or arc geometry rather than several static beams . Gantry motion,variable dose rate,movement of multileaf collimators Computerised planning using Ct scan allows treatment to be delivered to tumour with minimal exposure to adjacent tissues VMAT for skin Can be set to give radiation just to skin &  subcutaneous tissue circumferentially (with minimal exposure to deeper tissues) allowing treatment of a whole limb ,scalp,or head … Continue reading

Marius Rademaker Biographical Sketch

August 2018 Dr Marius Rademaker BM FRCP(Edin) FRACP DM is an Honorary Associate Professor at Waikato Clinical School (Auckland University School of Medicine), research director of Clinical Trial NZ, and a clinical dermatologist (Tristram clinic and MoleMap NZ – a national teledermatology service). Until recently he was Clinical Director and Head of the Dermatology Department, Waikato Hospital District Health Board and Chairman of DermNetNZ.org Trust. As well as being Regional Advisor of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, he is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, the New Zealand Dermatological Society and member of the International Society of Dermatology, the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology … Continue reading

Vail Reese, Dermatology in Cinema 2018

  Vail Reese, MD Hot Spots 2018 Sunday, August 19th, 2018 Notes: -Precedent for analyzing Dermatology in Cinema -3 Categories: -Evil characters -Actors with skin conditions -Sympathetic characters -What has changed in 20 years? -Onscreen representation of albinism -Celebrity skin and the internet -Animated films and skin References: The Dermatology in the Cinema website:  www.skinema.com Reese V.  Dermatology in the cinema.  J Amer Acad Dermatol 1995; 33:1030-1035. Reese V. Dermatology in the Cinema. Medscape website May 2002 https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/433420 Crowley JA, Reese V, Wagner R. Dermatologic Features of Classic Movie Villains: The Face of Evil. JAMA Dermatol. 2017 Jun 1;153(6):559-564. doi: 10.1001/jamadermatol.2016.5979. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28384669 Ryan, MP, Reese V, Wagner RF. Dermatologic Depictions in … Continue reading

Retirement Comes

Shay Bintliff, MD email: surfdoc@aloha.net Hot Spots in Dermatology August 18, 2018 Turtle Bay, Kahuku. Hawaii     Retirement comes, bringing destinations indeterminate. New fields New hills New roads, Leading I know not where. But go I must. Strange new sensations lurk in my heart. Change is upon me! This fiery feeling, a relentless flame, To move on To discover anew To touch the worlds I’ve never known. Is it even too late? In my gut there is a deep emptiness, Not for nourishment, But for the life I so loved and cherished. There is a heavy wave of Loss Loneliness Bewilderment Sweeping over me, consuming me. Where now is … Continue reading

Vail Reese Hot Spots 2018 Controversies Regarding Herpesviridae Taxonomy

Vail Reese, MD Hot Spots 2018 Saturday, August 18th, 2018 Notes: – History of the term “Herpes” from ancient times to present. – Review of the Human Herpesviruses clinical presentations. – Brief review of Herpesviridae presentations in other species. – Discussion of stigma associated with Herpes Simplex Virus. – Justification for changing name of Herpesviridae. – Examples of names changed for other conditions. – Proposed name change: Habitaviridae. – Process for adding/changing viral names.  References: Reese V, Croley JA, Wagner RF. Countering Creeping Confusion: A Proposal to Re-Name Herpes Virus TAXONOMY. Online Journal of Community and Person-Centered Dermatology Posted January 14th, 2018. http://ojcpcd.com/reese-v/countering-creeping-confusion-a-proposal-to-re-name-herpes-virus-taxonomy/ Ratzen R. Letter: Thoughts about Countering Creeping … Continue reading

Who Was Michael Balint and Why Should We Care?: Introduction

For a brief biography see: Michael Balint – An outstanding medical life.1 Balint’s son, John, was a distinguished professor of gastroenterologist and medical ethicist at Albany Medical College. I attended a lecture by him, and it was there that I first heard about Michael Balint and became interested in his opus magnum, The Doctor, His Patient and the Illness.2 The Sawyer Library at Williams College has a copy and I checked it out periodically over two decades, but found it hard going. Finally, in 2016, I bought a second-hand copy and decided to wade through it. Early in the book Balint asks: “Why does it happen so often that in … Continue reading

Granulomatous Rosacea

Granulomatous Rosacea H.S. 2018 Case Presentation Presented by David Elpern August 17, 2018 A 34-year-old sociologist presented for evaluation of forehead lesions, which have been present for about 2 years.  These began about a year after her daughter’s birth.  Before that, she was on oral contraceptives and was fine, but she has not been on any hormonal birth control since then.  She saw another dermatologist and was treated with topicals, a SilkPeel, Tretinoin.  She also took doxycycline for 2 – 4 weeks. Nothing helped.  She is anxious about her appearance. O/E: The examination shows a pleasant, outgoing woman.  She has a somewhat pebbly appearance to the forehead with many, mostly … Continue reading

Hot Spots 2018 Faculty Emails

Claypoole, Lauren Claypoole.lauren@gmail.com Dann, Frank zitdoc@hotmail.com Elpern, David djelpern@gmail.com Esaki, Paul paulesaki@gmail.com Glamb, Roman rglamb@straub.net Goo-Frazier, Alana alanagoo@hawaii.edu Ing, Malcolm malcolmingmd@hotmail.com Johnson, Douglas dwj808@gmail.com Kamm, Lindsay lindsay.kamm@gmail.com Karewicz, Marianna marianna.karewicz@gmail.com Kumar, Bhushan kumarbhushan@hotmail.com Rademaker, Marius marius.rademaker@gmail.com Reese, Vail drvcr@earthlink.net Reizner, George greizner@dermatology.wisc.edu Schoenfeld, Michael mjschoenfeld@gmail.com Webster, Michael michaelrwebster@bigpond.com      

What Matters To Me Questionnaire

To view the questionnaire we used, click What Matters To Me Questionnaire We are trying to create a tool to help patients communicate with their physicians and other care providers about what really matters to them in their relationships with the health care system. Although one may not always get everything wishes for, this is a chance to share your preferences and values with regards to the healthcare you receive. When answering the questions it may be helpful to think of times you felt that your medical care needs were not met. Please rate choices in the order of importance to you. All information is confidential. No one’s identity will … Continue reading

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